When we tell you our software is easy to use, we don’t think you can understand just how easy it is. Here are a few tutorials – see it for yourself.

How to Add an Inventory Item

So you bought something new. Or maybe a huge shipment arrived in your business’s warehouse. Now what?

Simply enter iInventory Pro and you can add any new items with just a few clicks. Submit information about location, category, brand, price, warranty, instruction manuals, images and whatever else you can think of.

And you’re done!

How to View and Edit an Inventory Item

In need of information about a certain item? No worries. Just enter the system and click the “Select” button next to the item in question.

Want to add additional images or notes? Want to attach documents related to this item, like receipts or invoices? Watch this video and learn how within minutes.

Now everything’s stored and easy to locate!

How to Search for Inventory Items

Once you add all your possessions – or products – your iInventory Pro list will become a long one. So what do you do if you want to find something specific?

Well, that’s the beauty of it. If this was “old-day” inventory management, you would be looking through the documents for hours. But this is iInventory Pro. So all you need to do is… Well, see it in this video.

How to Edit Locations

When you move, your possessions move with you, so you have to be able to change that easily. Every item should be associated with a certain location, so you don’t want to mess that up. Same goes in case you have more than one property.

Make sure you list everything under the proper location and in case you’ve made mistakes – or in case things change – you can always edit that information. Here’s how…

How to Edit Categories

Each item you enter in iInventory Pro should be categorized. The system gives you plenty of ready-to-use categories, to which you can add what you find suitable.

The usage of categories is essential when maintaining good inventory documentation. It makes things easier to add, count, find and remove. In addition, it’s a great way for you to keep track of the worth of the different categories.

Here’s how you can manage categories in iInventory Pro.

How to View and Edit Your Account Information

It is important to learn how to access and edit your Account Information, because it is what defines you as a user in the iInventory System. Here is when you can find details about your subscription with us, your billing history and more.

Additionally, you can change your password and print a receipt. In fact, there are many things you can within the Account Information section. Here’s a little preview…

How to Adjust Software Settings

This is where you can make various adaptions to the way you use iInventory Pro. Change the color schemes, set the number of displayed records and basically make the platform yours.

Learn how in this video.