Yes, you definitely can! There is a free 14 day no obligation trial offer of our patented software so you can see what “all the excitement is about,” and why so many people have become members and are enjoying the many benefits that iInventoryPro offers. Your credit card will not be charged until after the 14 day trial membership is complete. You can cancel your membership at any time and for any reason during the 14 day free trial (“No questions asked.”).
A membership begins at the end of the free trial offer and is for a period of one year. Memberships can be renewed annually, and all of your stored membership information will continue to be saved.
iInventoryPro has taken the “old style” inventory and moved it a quantum leap forward with “E-inventory”. Utilizing vast and significant technologies in computers, digital imaging, and the internet and then joining them all together with a high-tech web-based original program, iInventoryPro has provided this innovative break-through to help fulfill the need for the documentation of  your personal property for insurance purposes.
Yes, your information is secure. iInventoryPro uses 128 bit encryption for your security and protection.
We at iInventoryPro use a third party company for all credit card transactions. iInventoryPro only shows the last 4 digits of your credit card number under your Account tab, and provides an easy and convenient form to keep your credit card information up to date.
iInventoryPro utilizes a top rated company that specializes in mass storage of data in a secure environment, with multiple back-ups each day at multiple locations for the safety and protection of your information.
Yes, you have full and complete access your membership information from the internet anywhere in the world.
You can easily log-on to your account at any time and set-up a password form your “Settings” tab for your insurance agent to have “read only”access to your account to get the necessary information to settle your claim. Your personal property “E-inventory” will allow you to provide the documentation necessary to enable you to generally receive the largest claim settlement possible from your insurance company, based on your insurance and your claim. There is no question that your “E-inventory” documentation is very valuable and significantly improves your position when dealing with an insurance claim when compared with having no documentation at all. Remember, to receive the full amount for a claim, you are usually required to provide the required documentation to establish the value of the property in the claim (receipts, photos, video, appraisals, etc.). iInventoryPro’s advancements in home and business inventories help to improve and streamline the claims process to make it quicker and easier!
No, a iInventoryPro membership is extremely low cost, and the many valuable features and benefits are significant and substantial!
You get a license to use our incredible software, all upgrades, and storage of your e-inventory information for one year.
You will be charged the annual license fee in one payment when you sign up. For your convenience, your account is setup to auto-renew on an annual basis. This means that next year, your credit card card will be charged unless you decided not to automatically renew.
Yes, the iInventoryPro system incorporates our own incredible batch up-loader.  You can upload 20 or more pictures at a time, saving time and and causing the compilation of your e-inventory to be an fun experience that is just plain “cool”!
Not only is that true, we already have that capability today!  Now you can record with your cellphone or other recording device, store it on your account, and enjoy the most complete, easy, and technologically advanced inventory system in the world!  We even stream your video when taken in H264 format.
If you have a problem while using the iINVENTORYpro program, or any other web based program, try each of the following steps in order to resolve the problem. In most cases nothing is wrong with the program and the problem will be corrected very quickly by using these methods to reset your computer and therefore remove the problem. The following steps will be a much fast way to resolve you problem than contacting customer support.

  1. If possible, try to save the changes you have made with the program first.
  2. Change to a different screen, then return the original screen and see if that resolves the problem.
  3. Log out of the program, and then clear the “History” for your web Browser.
  4. Close out of any programs or windows that may be causing your computer to be operating at its maximum capacity.
  5. Log back into the iINVENTORYpro program. In most cases the problem will corrected.
  6. If these don’t solve the problem contact us by email ( or call our customer support number.
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